day 15-Vintage day 16-Toys

My sister-in-law e-mailed me to remind me that I was a couple days behind on my photo challenge blog. How right she is. I got stuck on architechture and never got back on the bandwagon. So…I am cheating a bit and combining day 15 and 16. This picture covers vintage AND toys. I am, by some definitions, an antique so I guess that makes my childhood toys vintage. Here are my Pebbles Flintstone, my Tiny Tears and my Thumbelina, all given to me around 1960ish. These are their original clothes although my mother and grandmother did sew other clothes for them and the receiving blanket they are lying on. While neither of them was willing to work the tiny Barbie pattens, my grandmother did insist on clothing my trolls. They came with lovely, bright colored hair but generally with no clothes. Outfits were available for purchase but Grandma just made them dresses to match whatever she was making for me at the time. Grandma loved to sew. I got 2 or 3 new dresses to start school, flannel nighties for Christmas and shorts and tops and babydoll pajamas in the summer. Was I spoiled? Well maybe a little, but I was also “chubby” so the only way I got cute clothes, was to find patterns and material and let Grandma do her magic. Wonderful memories of a very loved and blessed little girl and her Grandma.

PS I was named after her too but that is another story.


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I'm a 50-something woman from Oregon that spends way too much time on her computer. I have read blogs for years but didn't really feel the need to have one until now. Heres to new adventures in reading and writing.
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