Day 25- Rocks, Stones, Pebbles

As a child I was always collecting rocks, agates and shells. We vacationed every summer for a week at Cannon Beach. I thought about my photo of Haystack Rock in that location, but didn’t find one that I was excited about. I also considered going back to my “toy” photo with my Pebbles Flintstone doll. Then I looked for a picture of my grandpa’s gravel truck that I nicknamed Pebbles as a child. I could also have gone back to day 21 and used that photo of a stone. I finally chose my newly started collection of rocks and gemstones. Whenever I wander into a shop I touch all the polished stones and buy the one or two that “feel” right. Its never the one I like the best, but I just go on gut instinct in my choosing. I also tossed in a few inspiration stones that I am also collecting.

All these are housed in a pretty bowl my friend Kathy made, and rejected, that I quickly latched onto. Plain ol’ rocks? Yeah, I like them too, but those are in another bowl.


About pansyluver

I'm a 50-something woman from Oregon that spends way too much time on her computer. I have read blogs for years but didn't really feel the need to have one until now. Heres to new adventures in reading and writing.
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