Mothers Day

To those that wonder what I did with my wonderful fat quarters, this is it. Tissue box covers with pockets for pens, pencils, remotes etc. They were the gifts for the mothers at our get-together today. I still have a few more to make but I ran out of time. What a glorious Mothers Day. We had a wonderful lunch out at North Fork Resevoir with my sis-in-laws family. It was chilly in the outdoor shelter but we had plenty of good food and a big fire in the fireplace. After dinner we played minute-to-win-it and got a good laugh out of folks trying to perform crazy tasks. All the while I kept thinking of my own mother and all she had done for me, including giving me life. As all us moms know, there is no such thing as a non-working mother. But if you ask most of us, we wouldn’t have traded it for anything. My son tried to call twice while I was gone and finally got hold of me an hour ago. He has been such a blessing to me and talking with him always makes me smile. I can’t help wondering if my mother is looking down on me from heaven and saying the same about me. I hope so.


About pansyluver

I'm a 50-something woman from Oregon that spends way too much time on her computer. I have read blogs for years but didn't really feel the need to have one until now. Heres to new adventures in reading and writing.
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