Chores: How often??

I am a procrastinator!! I am not proud of it, but it is one thing I am very good at. I am particularly adept at it when it comes to household chores. I know all the arguments against it, and I have all the best of good intentions. Todays endeavor made me happy and mad at the same time. It was the REFRIGERATOR. It hadn’t been completely emptied and cleaned since I got it two years ago. Only one “science experiment” found but many “out of date” items. The ‘made me mad’ part was that I didn’t do it yesterday before the garbage man came. It is gleaming now.

I can’t help but wonder why I let it go so long. It is such a good feeling to know where things are and what I have. I hope that I can become inspired to do the rest of my ‘to do’ list. It does feel good.

So what is my next project? My ‘office’. I am quite the packrat and it has become the dumping ground. I have piles that need to be sorted, filed, shredded and more. All I have to do is start.


About pansyluver

I'm a 50-something woman from Oregon that spends way too much time on her computer. I have read blogs for years but didn't really feel the need to have one until now. Heres to new adventures in reading and writing.
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