Day 24- Easter

Although Easter commemorates Jesus arising, the vessel that tells us of these events is of course the Bible. Although John 3:16 doesn’t speak of Jesus rising from the tomb, it does remind me of God’s constant love and sacrifice. It is also the first verse I memorized when I first started regularly attending church at age 15.

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Day 23- Color

Color, at least in the spring make me think of the rows and rows of colorful flowers at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn. This year is especially wet and the tulips that have bloomed now are a bit weatherbeaten by the rain. We did catch a sunbreak last week and I love the way the sun makes the petals seem translucent. There are other plants on the farm as well and I love the daffodil that reminds me of scrambled eggs.

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Day 21- Church

When I first started with this church group, we held services in a school down the road from where I live now. With donations, gifts, loans, and a lot of prayer, this wonderful brick building was built. It sits on what was once an undeveloped piece of land with many big rocks. One such stones was utilized to send a special “biblical message”.

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Day 20- Books

I missed yesterdays challenge. No insects around to photograph. I have to admit that I was happy not to find any in the house.

Since it has been less than a year that I aquired my digital SLR camera, I am always reading to give me more insight to what all it can do. The manual is a great resource for reviewing the basics of the camera. I am still working on where all the menus take me. Later I will spend more time on exposure and composition. I am trying to learn more on lighting but the concept of capturing just the right light at the right time eludes me. I’ll just keep practicing.

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Day 18- Reflections

Again a photo I took in 2009 of my daughter-in-law. The mirror had some serious flaws in it so I didn’t get in too close to it. It was more just to see if I could do it. I took almost as many pictures that day as the photographer they hired. My philosophy is there can never be too many pictures to choose from on special occassions. I also managed to stay out of some pics by running around behind the camera. I wish I had the camera I have now, back then. Oh well, I’m learning what I can for grandkids someday. A digital SLR and a few lenses and I will be gramma-razzi bigtime. My nieces and nephews still run when they see me coming.

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Day 17- Emotions

Last year my daughter-in-law got a job teaching in Montana. She had to be there right away so she left in Aug. and my son followed 3 weeks later in September. A couple days before Jeff left he decided that he and mom needed to take one last road trip to the coast. Knowing he would soon be “landlocked”, we stopped several times along the way from Astoria to Newport. When we got to Tillamook, we stopped at the Blue Heron cheese store. This is a favorite place of theirs. I’m not sure if the sad face is “missing the wife” or “I’ll miss the coast” but the picture begged to be taken and emailed to the wife in Montana. Hopefully they will be back for a visit soon.

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day 15-Vintage day 16-Toys

My sister-in-law e-mailed me to remind me that I was a couple days behind on my photo challenge blog. How right she is. I got stuck on architechture and never got back on the bandwagon. So…I am cheating a bit and combining day 15 and 16. This picture covers vintage AND toys. I am, by some definitions, an antique so I guess that makes my childhood toys vintage. Here are my Pebbles Flintstone, my Tiny Tears and my Thumbelina, all given to me around 1960ish. These are their original clothes although my mother and grandmother did sew other clothes for them and the receiving blanket they are lying on. While neither of them was willing to work the tiny Barbie pattens, my grandmother did insist on clothing my trolls. They came with lovely, bright colored hair but generally with no clothes. Outfits were available for purchase but Grandma just made them dresses to match whatever she was making for me at the time. Grandma loved to sew. I got 2 or 3 new dresses to start school, flannel nighties for Christmas and shorts and tops and babydoll pajamas in the summer. Was I spoiled? Well maybe a little, but I was also “chubby” so the only way I got cute clothes, was to find patterns and material and let Grandma do her magic. Wonderful memories of a very loved and blessed little girl and her Grandma.

PS I was named after her too but that is another story.

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Day 13- Food

Food! I like it almost as much as taking photos. I admit I used to bake a lot more but I have to watch my blood sugars now. This is a favorite in my house, especially when I can get fresh blueberries. This coffeecake has a moist texture and a crumble topping making it perfect with a cup of tea (or coffee or milk).

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Day 12- Motion

I took this picture at a local park a couple years ago. I was trying to save the kids some money by taking their engagement pictures myself. I had them run down the hill and tried desparately to keep them in focus. Pictures turned out ok but not great. I had them stand still for the rest of the shots and they turned out much better. I really liked taking the engagement photos. I need much more practice at motion.

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Day 11- Household item

Okay, a household item. I’ve got a whole household of items. What should I photograph today? A busy day and at 6pm I am still without a photo. Feeling a little chill, I headed to kitchen for a cup of tea. There it was. My subject. My favorite pansy teapot and etched pansy mug. A warm cup of not-so-good chokecherry tea with very good chokecherry honey, and my tummy was happy and I was warm again. My tea drinking friend, however, found a new way to keep warm. Meet Lil’ Bit, Connie’s 9 week old Cavalier King Charles. She loves to snuggle on Connie’s lap, under the blankie, for her naps. Better than a hot-water bottle any day.

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